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New York deli breakfast in Seattle

New York deli breakfast in Seattle

Miles travelled on trip so far: 7,894
Planes: 3. Trains: 9. Buses: 14. Taxis: 5. Car trips: 3. (Yes, I am a geek and am tabulating mileage in a spreadsheet)

After last nights rather extraordinary meal at Rays Boathouse on the waterfront in Seattle, this morning calorie intake was of a more sedate nature. There’s a New York style deli a few blocks from Alex and Theresa’s penthouse apartment, where I slumped for breakfast.

The menu, of which this is a small part:


… takes a good 20 minutes to read. In the end I ordered the “Ultra Lite”, which is lots of vegetables in an omelette, with a side order of fruit, orange juice (real), unlimited coffee (strong), bagel, jam and no-fat cheese:


I’m now back in Alex and Theresa’s penthouse apartment, unable to move and feeling like a beached whale. Must must must get some exercise before the next Amtrak experience, which is a 14 hour ride later today to Whitefish. No more from me till I get settled into Montana, where am planning/hoping to:

  • See a grizzly bear.
  • Go practise on a gun firing range (not connected with previous item).
  • Eat an Elk burger.
  • See a bit of the Glacier National Park.
An afternoon in the mountains

An afternoon in the mountains

To the east of Seattle it get forested and mountainous very quickly. So it didn’t take long before we encountered a waterfall:


…Twede’s cafe, where Twin Peaks was filmed e.g. cherry pie, damned fine cup of coffee:

Twede's Cafe

…and lots of autumn scenery:


Breakfast in Seattle

Breakfast in Seattle

Awesome city.

Day one of the Seattle experience.

Here’s Alex eating a typical Seattle breakfast:

Basically, that’s the complete opposite of the Amtrak breakfast as (a) it isn’t fried in fat and (b) there’s enough fibre in there to make the backside of an elephant explode.