Does this thing still work?

Does this thing still work?

Must confess, I’d forgotten for quite a while about this blogging website thingie. Much of what I’ve written in an informal, non-work, context in recent times I’ve put onto MetaFilter, which is a far better online community than most I’ve come across this last … heck … quarter of a century. My MetaFilter profile has links to some of the (possibly) more interesting posts and comments.

But, it’s time for another significant life change, so my wittering on MetaFilter and the few other places I write online (Facebook every now and then; Twitter rarely; not much elsewhere nowadays) will be sharply reduced for a while. And apart from that, I have zero of interest to say, which also indicates how interesting (or otherwise) my life currently is. Though sometimes, periods of humdrum and no incidents are quite peaceful; dullness is low stress.

As the nights start to draw significantly in, the days cool, and the hedgerows overflow with free fruit, I wish anyone who ever comes across this post a contented and healthy late summer and autumn.

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