Does this thing still work? ?>

Does this thing still work?

It’s been an unexpectedly interesting last week. I had some things lined up to do – a meal out with a work colleague of, heck, 20+ years standing; walks and druid events; a trip to the National Videogame Arcade. And all of those things happened, and were enjoyable and interesting. But I’ve also had a bundle of interesting conversations, some with people I haven’t spoken to in many a year, and most that weren’t scheduled or lined up. This has,…

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Summer of 2015 ?>

Summer of 2015

My on-off personal project to sort out the colossal mess of online “stuff” is back in “on” mode. And with it, here’s some digital ephemera from the summer just gone. First up, the Flickr set of 260 pictures. This was my third entire summer in the USA, this time stretching from early May to early August. Apart from being bookended by a few days in Chicago, pretty much all of this was spent in central, and rural, Iowa. As with…

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The wheel of the year ?>

The wheel of the year

It is Halloween (to some), Hallowmass to others, or the evening before All Saints Day, or various other regional, national, spiritual, historical or cultural variations. And plain October 31st to others. But, whichever, more by accident than design I find myself at the exact same spot at sunset that I was at this time last year. Here’s the view then: This last few years, the year for me has changed to a more natural and less calendar-based one. This day…

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West and south and west again ?>

West and south and west again

A walk doesn’t have to be of Appalachian Trail length to be epic. This evenings was but four miles long. I leave base and walk in the direction of Wisconsin. Hit a junction, turn and walk in the direction of Minnesota. Pass a church, bright sign welcoming or enticing; pass a softball park, and new houses, rich and bland and slightly ridiculous and a little isolated by absurd lawns. A crossroads. I turn towards Nebraska. I hit an area of…

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Ah, summer ?>

Ah, summer

It may be 92F outside, after 7pm in the evening here. But I have food, a roof, an attentive cat, some money in my pocket, a 15 word plan, air conditioning, a (still) (just about) working MacBook Pro, and some proper lemon curd in the fridge. And most importantly, wifi. Life is good.

When winter leaves ?>

When winter leaves

The end, finish, conclusion of winter in the Northern Hemisphere is a matter of conjecture, opinion and history. BBC weather tells us that winter ends today, February 28th, meteorologically. Some say it ends at the vernal or spring equinox, which this year is March 20th. Some say it’s when the clocks go forward and we suddenly have daylight and sunlight well into the evenings. Sometimes we just notice things that indicate a change of season. And some, in Boston, doubt…

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The walk of two seasons ?>

The walk of two seasons

That was a strange one. I was supposed to work all day today, but I woke just before dawn because of the cold. Winter, still. But then noticed how clear and gradually cobalt blue the sky was. And so, by breakfast it was a case of “Dammit!”, laptop off, hiking shoes on, stuff thrown into overbag, and out the door. This time I tried a few new paths heading straight south, but the second one did not exist; not for…

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Walking, not writing ?>

Walking, not writing

The older you get, the more you realize how artificial the calendar is. December 31st marks the ending of a period of time. January 1st marks the starting of another. “Easter” moves around according to some bizarre rules. Some floaty date in mid-June marks the solstice. A fixed date, one of 366, marks the day you exited your mother’s womb. Far better, arguably, to follow the passage of nature, the sun and the seasons, the cycle of crops and food;…

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Winter, arrives, in England ?>

Winter, arrives, in England

Observations of the outside, this evening. As tweets, originally. + + + + + That warm autumnal yesterday, shunted, fronted away by the tail of the storm. Winter enters, for the clocks to fall back in a hundred hours. The fourth quarter slides in. The quiet countdown to Christmas, the silent worries of relative visits; that micro-social etiquette of cards. Dinnertime darkness. Signs for bonfires protestingly tug at fastenings with each gust. Cyclists slowly strain and wince into the headwind….

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True Librarian ?>

True Librarian

Phil Bradley, library advocate and activist, writes about libraries and Internet things (he’s particular good on search engines). He’s on the ball, open-minded, and tends to – sensibly – avoid many of the zero-win library arguments on social media. His website. His latest post, A response to “This Librarian Is Not Impressed With Your Digital, No-Books Library”, is worth a read. I’ve posted a comment, though I can’t help but think I’ve written the same before in various places, about…

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